Portfolio Management

In our ever changing market environment even the most carefully constructed investment or retirement plan is subject to market movements that may cause asset allocation targets to shift from their original positions and result in unintended risk. At the same time, client objectives may shift over time as personal situations change. We address such inevitable change through our process of continuous monitoring and evaluation. Our analysis and alerts-driven monitoring ensures that the portfolios are managed consistently with their stated goals and investment strategies in a proactive and compliant manner.

Portfolio Construction and Security Selection:

Portfolio construction is simply the selection of specific investments to fill the proposed classes. Investments available include individual securities (stocks, bonds), mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and other instruments, such as Alternative Investments. We construct our portfolios utilizing a core approach. This approach allows us to tailor our portfolios to client circumstances. We advocate investing in large, lasting and well-managed companies at a discount (Large Cap Value Stocks and Large Cap Growth Stocks ) as the foundation or core of portfolios. We then add in combinations of other specialty asset classes in an effort to maximize return and minimize portfolio risk.