Investment Advisory

The Torres Investment Advisory Group Process is a continuous system of evaluating and pursuing our clients’ short-term needs and long-term goals.

Client Profiling and Analysis

The first step in developing your investment and retirement plan is to identify your goals, time horizon, risk tolerance and future performance and service expectations. We’ve developed a questionnaire that can be obtained on request. This questionnaire will determine your risk tolerance and make sure that your current portfolio or a proposed portfolio is aligned with your risk profile.

Existing Portfolio Review

We will diagnose and analyze factors such as mutual fund ownership costs, duplication or concentration of holdings, and market dimensions to which the client is not presently exposed. We will then evaluate where you are today and what you have in place before we move to the next step in the process. We do this by completing a portfolio review or “snapshot”. Using an advanced portfolio management capability that examines an existing portfolio’s asset allocation and other parameters, we can detect any shortcomings, setting the stage for our plan development and future recommendations.

Fee Based Advisory Solution

This approach of having a centrally managed account allows us the Maximum amount of flexibility for creating and managing your portfolio. We have access to equities, Fixed income assets, mutual funds , etf’s separately managed accounts as well as Alternative Investments. Our Investment Advisory approach places the clients interest and our compensation side by side as your account grows.

We bring absolute value for your Investment Advisory fees as they cover a variety of services

  • Investment management: asset allocation, trading, rebalancing, and manager due diligence
  • Client service
  • Administration and compliance
  • Complimentary financial service advice